Trail Rides

Saturday MAY 4, 2024
Manchester Water Works Field off Depot Rd., Auburn NH 
Annual Trail Ride – Benefit Ride

Pat Darmofal    508-641-0612  

Please pre-register by email or phone call so we can allow for food planning.
Carriage drivers must pre-register to allow us to make sure that gates are opened for you. 
Scavenger  Hunt with $25 cash prize. Ride info sheet here DERRY TRAIL RIDERS  

Saturday, June 15, 2024 – rain date 6/16/24  
Piscataquog Area Trailways

 Deanne Durst        603-557-5687

Sunday, July 28, 2024
New Hampshire Horse Council

Pat Darmofal; 508-641-0612  

Profile Falls, Bristol, NH
Mileage 8 & 14; $35 adults/$25 juniors; check in 8:30 am, ride out by 9:30 am; pre-reg by 7/24 to guarantee a meal; trail is dirt roads and woods roads through Old Hill Village along the Pemigewasset River; toilet on site, bring your own horse water and plan on removing your manure and hay from the field. Property use by courtesy of the Army Corp of Engineers.  If you will be driving, please let us know by 7/24 so we can make sure the gates are open.

NHHC 2024 Trail Ride info and entry

Saturday, September 21, 2024
 Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue

Phyllis Elliot    603-568-6654    

Sunday September 29, 2024
New Hampshire Horse and Trail Inc Annual Ride

Julia Webb    603-315-9990 

Saturday, October 5, 2024
Ride4Reason Benefit

Jean Meloney, email; 603-387-2794
alternate contact Carolyn Beard email, 603-455-4625

Sunday, November 3, 2024 

Sandra Galarneau, email    603-923-2389;
Ride Sec’y Tina Hogan 207-252-0430

Attention Trail Riders


If there are 1 to 7 rides affiliated by 4/1 of the current season:  100% Participation only

If there are 8-12 rides affiliated by 4/1: 70% and 100% Participation awards

If there are 13 or more rides affiliated by 4/1; 50%, 70% and 100% Participation awards


NOVICE – Ride is suitable for all riding abilities from novice through expert. Trails are easy  and well marked & the ride has a sufficient organization to provide a good degree of support.  Caution –  water crossings, etc. may be present on trail. Often a ride’s short loop will be suitable for novice riders even if the ride is rated “intermediate”
INTERMEDIATE – The ride would be more suitable for riders who have a few affiliated miles to their credit or who can engage the assistance of an advanced rider.  The trail will be more challenging for the rider and the horse and will require a higher degree of  expertise on the part of the rider and better conditioning on the part of the horse. Trails might be hilly and /or  have rough footing but will generally have more scenic routes. 
ADVANCED – These rides are rated advanced because the terrain over which they are run will present some unique challenges & will require a more precise knowledge of your own abilities & those of  your mount.  They should be approached with caution and preparation.

Joan & Julia at the NE Paint Horse Ride Oct 2010

Debbie Briscoe



  1. A rider is responsible for the manners of himself & his mount.
  2. Ride or Drive on the right hand side of the road.
  3. Ask to pass on the left.
  4. No tailgating
  5. No racing.


  1. Pay attention to the posted ride registration & start times. Register and start on time.
  2. Park your trailer in an orderly, considerate manner.
  3. Always walk your horse in the staging area.
  4. On the trail, DO NOT pass at the canter ( or gallop ! )
  5. Never pass a rider on foot without first asking  permission.
  6. When encountering a rider trying to mount on the trail, always stop BEFORE the pair and wait until the rider mounts.
  7. At water crossings, allow space between horses & avoid splashing rider or horse.
  8. At water stops, wait for ALL horses in the group to drink before continuing.
  9. Tie a RED ribbon in the tail of a horse that KICKS;
  10. Tie a YELLOW ribbon in the tail of a STALLION;
  11. Tie a GREEN ribbon in the tail of a NOVICE horse and/or rider.
  12. Respect Rules # 14,  15,  and 16  !!
  13. Be friendly and respect the rights of the local residents  exercising
  14. Stay OFF lawns and driveways.
  15. When crossing hay fields, etc., travel along the edge unless there is a definite MARKED path elsewhere.
  16. Never forget to THANK the Ride Management.
  17. Before leaving, clean up your area, (hay and manure) or check to see if it can be left.


Contact us for more information on trail rides or changes/additions to the trail rides listed using the email addresses or form below.

Julia Webb

Pat Darmofal

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