Member NameNumberDOBAgeAmateur Status
Allen, Cecilia(Sis)1011
Amman, Doris1003B
Amman, Jillian1002
Anderson, Gretchen1004
Arrison, Lee1005B
Arthur, Suzanne1006
Atlanto, Karen1007
Ats, Morgan1008
Barnard, Meredith1224
Barthell, Valerie Rose1009
Beard, Carolyn1010
Berry, Jeff1012
Bly, Addison1266
Boon, Cassidy1015
Boon, Dawn1014
Boon, Patrick 1013
Boucher, Jane1017
Briggs, Alexandra1018B
Burke, Joseph1233
Burke, Stephanie1232
Byers, Lynne1019
Cannamucio, Gia1020
Cannard, Elizabeth1024
Caprigno, Allison1158
Caprigno, Joe1157
Carlton, Eliza 1025
Carlton, Kimberly1026
Carpenter, Jane1027
Caverly, Chris1028
Caverly, Diane1029
Chagnon, Chelsee12633/20/201012
Charpentier, Sue1195
Chase, Helen1031
Columbus, Alexandra11447/31/200517
Combs, Lurline1032
Constant, Ashley10335/28/200814
Cote, Lisa 1038
Cote, Trudy1039
Coughlin, Barbara1273
Cutting, Kristie1040
Darmofal, Patricia1041
DeBlois, Darlene1042
DeMeo, Miranda1192
DiGiovanni, Ann 1043
Dinsmore, Katherine(Katie)1146
Dionne, Alexandra1044
Dorr, Catherine1223
Dow, Victoria1264
Doyle, Jill 1045
Dubow, Katherine11655/2/200418A
Dubowick, Shelby104610/31/200814
Ellis, Kaira1047
Elms, Evelyn 1048
Ezell, Maggie1161
Ezell, Maggie1267
Ferrell, Nancy1231
Fisher, Christian1247B
Fisher, Lena1246
Fitzpatrick, Chase1260
Fitzpatrick, Cheryl1261
Fitzpatrick, Colleen1258
Fitzpatrick, Ella1259
Flynn, Janna1049
Flynn, Susan1050
Galarneau, Sandy1155
Gallant, Jean1051
Gamans, Elizabeth1052
Gele, Paula1153
George, Charlotte11875/14/200913
Goodell, Judy1053
Graham, John1054
Gregg, Robin1222
Guaraldi, Alessia119011/30/201111
Guaraldi, Gino1189
Guaraldi, Kim1188
Gutwillig, Ashlee1055
Hackett, Kimberly122611/8/201012
Harrison, Kylie12217/31/200517
Hebert, Nicole1271
Hebert, Quinn12725/26/20148
Hislop, Sandra1056
Horne, Faith12401/30/20211
Horne, Heather1239
Hughes, Kim1243
Hurd, Sandy1057
Hyman, Joshua12571/6/201012
Ierardi, Alexis1058
Ierardi, Sandra1059
Inglis-Shatney, Pamela1235
Inglis, Julie1060
Johnson, Sarah1061
Jones, David 1062
Jones, Emma Casey1063
Jones, Ramona1064
Kalletis, Stacey1175
Keefe, Kathleen1065
Kelly, Bryanna1171
Kelly, Jeff1274
Ketcham, Eileen1251
Ladd, Mary1066
Lakeman, Ruth12656/18/20157
Lampropoulos, John1067
Lampson, Steven1068
Lapointe, Michael1069
Lavender, Melissa1070
Lemire, Trinity1256
Levesque, Deanna1141
Levesque, Tammy1071
MacKillop, Richard1072
MacKillop, Tracy1073
Madden, Shannon1255
Marcelonis, Stephanie1074
Marks, Elizabeth1075
Matas, Mary1076
Matte, Amy1022
Matte, Shawn1023
Mazola, Patricia1077
McEachern, Caydence11845/26/200715
McGillis, Wendi1234
McGregor, Laurie1241
McGrew, Kristen1249
McGrew, Lainey1250
McLeod, Catherine1078
Mears, Paula 1079
Merrill, Stella12422/15/200616
Messer, Carol1148
Miktul, Sharon1081
Misiaszek, David1082
Mitchener , Nadine1083
Morgan, Ashley1230
Morgan, Ivy10845/10/201210
Muise, Carolyn 1245
Mullin, Nori11937/3/200913
Mullin, Sarah1199
Murray, Janet1085
Neill, Jan1087
Nye, Ethel1088
O'Donnell, Patricia1089
Oman, Ellen Seavey1090
Packard, Robert1091
Pahigian, Craig1092
Palazzo, Adalynne125406/19/20184
Palazzo, Shawntel1253
Pappas, Kristin1154
Pattillo, Sherry1093
Peterson-Yakovakis, Holly1236
Phillips, Darlene1094
Pierce, Kendall Marie1095
Pinette, Gwenn 1096
Piscopo, Nicole 1097
Pitman, Patricia1098
Pitman, Richard1099
Plaza, Megan11675/21/200913
Potter, Kylie1102A
Prentice, Linda 1103
Rawding, Ruth1105
Rheaume, Marc1106
Rheaume, Megan1107
Richards, Deborah1108
Richards, Rebecca12626/1/200517
Roche, Kathryn1208
Rogers, Gregory1109
Sanborn, Patricia126811/2/20139
Sangiorgio, April1110
Sautter, Beth1244
Shatney, Pamela1151
Simmons, Samantha1252
Simoneau, Madison1270
Skofield, Lily12697/21/200814
Smith, Diane1113
Smith, Linda1112
Smyrl, Lauren1114
Snow, Joanne1115
Sopel, Lauren1116
St. Pierre/Richards, Sarah1117
Stredney, Kristina 1248
Strout, Sabre1118
Sullivan, Barbara1119
Sullivan, Elizabeth121612/16/200912
Sullivan, F. Bette1120
Sullivan, Kendra1215
Sullivan, Margaret121709/25/20148
Surr, Victoria1121
Swain, Joseph11707/24/20148
Tate, Caroline1174
Tate, Isabella Haven1122
Tyler, Mala1123
Valway, Elizabeth1125
Vantran, Hailey 11263/16/200517
Wahl, Larry 1127
Wahl, Mary1128
Waite, Megan1129
Walther, Alexis1225
Warman, Montgomery1130
Watts, Rhonda1131
Webb, Julia1132
Wetterer, Wendy1136
Wheeler, Morgan1137
Whitley, Jennifer1186
Williams, Brian1138
Wood, Karen Ann1139
Yakovakis, Lilly123711/19/200814
Yakovakis, Matthew123809/03/200715
Young, Hazel 1140

Become a Member

  • Individual Membership $25
  • Family Membership $40
  • Lifetime Individual Membership $250
  • Lifetime Family Membership to include children under 18 $400

Membership Advantages

  • Become eligible for Year End Awards both in the Horse Show Division and in the Pleasure Trail Ride Division.
  • Receive information on upcoming shows and rides from member clubs and organizations
  • The Susan Allen Memorial Lesson Fund Program is available to bring riding lessons to those young NHHTA members who may not have the means to afford quality riding lessons.  The program is open to juniors under the age of 18 as defined by NHH&TA rules. The applicant must be a “beginner” rider.
  • Support for an organization that works to create a better atmosphere and fosters safety and good horsemanship at shows and trail rides for both riders and their horses
  • Horse registration: No registration fee is required. You do however need to register the horse(s) that you will be looking to earn year end awards with. 
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