Joining NHH&TA places you on a mailing list and you will receive notification of all affiliated events including horse shows, trail rides and gymkhanas.  The Annual Calendar of Events also lists smaller non-rated shows suitable for beginners.  Assistance and information is provided to members to help make their equestrian experience rewarding, fruitful and enjoyable.

Not sure how to start?

No matter which discipline interests you, a great way to get started is to offer to help at an event, or just come and watch!  Need some moral support? Join a club!  The names and addresses of contacts for the various events and the clubs that operate them are in the NHH&TA rule book.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider; own a backyard pet, a trail horse or a show horse,  NHH&TA is the organization for you.

How do you join?

Just fill in and print out the application provided here and mail it with your check or join online using the form below; then dust off your saddle and get ready for a great season!

Membership Dues

  • Individual Membership $25
  • Family Membership $40
  • Lifetime Individual Membership $250
  • Lifetime Family Membership to include children under 18 $400

or use the form below to submit your application online.

Membership Advantages

  • Become eligible for Year End Awards both in the Horse Show Division and in the Pleasure Trail Ride Division.
  • Receive information on upcoming shows and rides from member clubs and organizations
  • The Brian Keefe/Susan Allen Memorial Lesson Fund is available to bring riding lessons to those young NHHTA members who may not have the means to afford quality riding lessons.  The program is open to juniors under the age of 18 as defined by NHH&TA rules. The applicant must be a “beginner” rider.
  • Support for an organization that works to create a better atmosphere and fosters safety and good horsemanship at shows and trail rides for both riders and their horses
  • Horse registration: No registration fee is required. You do however need to register the horse(s) that you will be looking to earn year end awards with. 

Sign Up Online

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