Special Trophies

Dalton Sportsmanship Award

The Dalton Sportsmanship Award is intended to be the highest honor conferred annually by the membership of NHHTA on a fellow member, whether exhibitor, show committee, spectator or groom, etc., who displays throughout the show season, the greatest degree of sportsmanship and fair play.

White Mountain Club Junior Exhibitor Trophy

The White Mountain Club Junior Exhibitor Trophy is awarded annually to the Junior Exhibitor, a member of NHHTA who by ballot of the membership of the Association has been selected for exhibiting the highest degree of sportsmanship, courtesy, cooperation, horsemanship and consideration for others throughout the show season.

The Desjardins Perpetual Trophy

The Desjardins Perpetual Trophy is awarded to the horse show, which by vote of the membership of NHHTA, is judged to be the best of the season.  Note:  The NHHTA Horse Show is not eligible for this award

Nominees for the Dalton Sportsmanship Award 2019
  • Careen Cardin
  • Julie Hersey
  • Courtney Lahey
  • Taylor L’Heureaux
  • Ruichard & Pat Pitman
  • Louise Taylor
Nominees for White Mountain Club Junior Exhibitor Trophy 2019
  • Alexandra Dionne
  • Samantha Ford
  • Joshua Grimard
  • Samuel Pickering
  • Hannah Whitley

Voting Form contains space for voting for the Best Horse Show of the 2019 season. The Trail Ride Division participants will receive a separate voting form in the mail for the Best Trail Ride of the 2019 season.

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