Brian Keefe/Susan Allen Memorial Lesson Fund

Susan Allen was a person who enjoyed instructing others who had the same love and passion for horses as she did. In her heart she wanted to train anyone who had the desire to ride, but also understood that so many families today cannot afford the cost of riding lessons and showing horses. Sue never let money be an obstacle to anyone who showed the desire to ride horses. She always would say “we’ll find a way”. And find a way she would, whether there was a stall to be cleaned, a horse to bathe, or other barn chores to be done. If your desire was strong enough, she would find a way for you to earn your lesson.

Sue’s life was cut short, along with her gift to instruct others in her passion to ride. Our memory of her thoughtful ways will live forever in the people whose lives she touched.

It is with this spirit that we are pleased to offer the “Susan Allen Memorial Lesson Fund”. The purpose of this program is to bring riding lessons to those young riders who may not have the means to afford quality riding lessons. The program is open to juniors under the age of 18 as defined by NHH&TA rules. The applicant must be a “beginner” rider.

In 2008, funds were distributed to four recipients, each receiving $500.00 in lesson vouchers. The voucher must be signed by a parent or guardian along with an approved riding instructor as the recipient receives lessons. The voucher will then be mailed to the NHH&TA Treasurer at which time a check will be sent to the parent or guardian for that amount. The process will continue until the $500 fund is exhausted.

We hope this new lesson fund is greeted with the same enthusiasm Sue had for teaching young riders. We encourage any and all questions concerning this program. We also encourage any and all donations, large and small, to keep this program available on a continuing basis.

This fund is supported by NHHTA and by the membership of NHHTA. 

Any and all donations are encouraged to keep this worthy fund going.

To Apply

To apply for the funding, a nomination form must be submitted along with the name of a qualified riding instructor.  Lesson funds will be awarded at the NHH&TA Annual Awards Banquet in November.  The winners will be notified prior to the banquet in order that they may have an opportunity to receive their Award.


Contact Jane Boucher
NHHTA Treasurer

P. O. Box 160
Deerfield, NH  03037


The nomination form should be returned to:

Suzanne Arthur
199 Old Sandown Road
Chester, NH 03036

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