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The New Hampshire Horse & Trail Association Rule Book is mailed out to new members.  Current members who request it, may obtain a supplement with changes that fit into the old format Rule Book cover.

The Rule Book is available as a pdf download from this website or you may access it online.  CD copies are available on request.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf copy of the 2017 NHHTA Rule Book 

2017 Rule Changes -

Page J3 – Walk Trot Pleasure Division – 11 years and over
            Delete sentence reading “This division will accrue to two (2) NHHTA Year End Awards:
            1) Saddle Seat 2) Hunt Seat/ Western Reining Seat
Page F 2 & F 3
Delete reference to the work “Reining” from Western Seat specifications.
Page F3  -  add specifications from Page 35 of New England Horse Council Rule Book for “Open Walk Trot Equitation, 11 and over” to make this a new section “I” and bump Lead Line Equitation Division to section “J”
1 Year End Award
The Walk-Trot 11 and Over division is based on the Riders ability only. In the
interest of safety it is NOT based on the horse’s ability (ie. Green or Novice Horse).
Open to Junior and Amateur Adult riders 11 years of age and older who have not
cantered in a show for the past 3 years. No person entered may compete in any other
class requiring entries to canter or lope during the current show year. Once a rider has
cantered in a show they are no longer eligiible for this division. Please specify seat. Riden
in show results.
Open to horses and ponies and may be shown under English or Western tack. It is
recommended that a class having 16 entries or more be dividied. No tests will be called.
Any child entered in this class will be eligible to enter the Beginner’s Pleasure Division.
A show may divide the class by age 11–17 years and 18 and Over OR 11 and Over.
To be shown at a walk, trot, jog or alternate gait both ways of the ring and will be asked
to reverse at the walk.
4A. Open Walk-Trot 11 and Over Equitation C333
Shall show at a walk and trot only. Reverse at walk.
4B. Open Walk-Trot 11 and Over Equitation Championship C334
Specifications same as qualifying class. Must have been entered, shown and
judged in the qualifying class.
Page C3   Under #7 Management Requirements for Shows and Gymkhanas
add a new “D” – Ample water for horses to be provided.
Move lettering of following provisions.
Trail Ride Division Housekeeping
Trial period for yearly participation awards is over and the section is amended to read:
To count toward participation awards, rides must be affiliated by April 1st.  Participants who ride or drive or a combination thereof, are eligible for credit towards year end participation awards.
A rider may only receive participation credit for one animal on a single or multiple day ride.  The rider receives only one credit for participating in multiple day rides:  likewise if a rider participates only one day of a multiple day ride, they will still receive a participation credit.
If there are 1 to 7 rides affiliated by April 1st and subsequently held during the current season:  100% participation only will be offered.
If there are 8 to 12 rides affiliated by April 1st and subsequently held during the current season:
70% and 100% participation will be offered.
If there are 13 or more rides affiliated by April 1st and subsequently held during the current season: 50%, 70%, and 100% participation awards will be offered.
Page B2, Section 6.  Executive Council – Future By-Law change proposed
This section reads:  The Executive Council shall consist of the officers, delegates to NEHC, Chairmen of each Committee, one delegate or alternate from each affiliated local organization, and six members at large.
The Rules Committee is recommending that the requirement of one delegate from each affiliated local organization be eliminated.  The changing dynamics and structure of local clubs and organizations have made it difficult to fill this section of the bylaws and it has become cumbersome and hard to administer.  A rules change will be presented to the membership for a vote at a future date.






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